Monday, February 7, 2011


I've recently been training to be an expert in taking Cooper to the beach. So far I've learned a few things.

1)Pick the right spot, every beach in Hawaii is different no matter how close they are so this can be a little tricky.
2)Learn to dig a good hole. My friend Alicia taught me this :) This is actually a lot harder than your think.
3)Bring beach toys.
4)Always have snacks and invite friends.

Here are some pictures from my two favorite spots (Turtle Bay baby pool and Hukilau)

Yes those are my knees....

This is beach is perfect because it's deep enough to wade
but not deep enough to worry

(best beach bag ever! Thanks Nana!)


Cute Son

Life is good.


Lars Lindstrom said...

I'm pretty sure that i'm moving to Hawaii after seeing these photos. I regret ever giving either of you a hard time for not going to Rexburg

Emily Ruth said...

I am so jealous. I want to hang out on the beaches if Hawaii with you. It looks beautiful and amazing.

Kolste said...

Shar! I miss you!! You guys are so stinking cute!! I hope you guys are doing great!